Leveraging Business Analytics is Crucial for Growth – Quantzig’s Analytics Experts Explain Why

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AdvancedAnalytics–Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its latest article that lists the top reasons behind the growing importance of business analytics.

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With transformations and the introduction of new technology taking place at a rapid pace, businesses across industries are trying their best to drive profitability through enhanced decision-making. A major part of their efforts revolves around the use of business analytics which leverages data mining, predictive modeling, and quantitative and statistical techniques for business modeling and decision-making.

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According to Quantzig’s business analytics experts, “To gain a competitive edge and make the most of big data investments, businesses need to leverage advanced techniques and business analytics tools to integrate multi-dimensional data from various sources to make impactful business decisions.”

Three Reasons Why Business Analytics is Important

Business analytics revolves around the study of data by leveraging advanced statistical techniques and predictive models to obtain meaningful insights on past business performance and build a comprehensive roadmap to drive future growth.

In today’s complex business scenario leveraging evidence-based data and quantitative methods for decision making is crucial, here’s why:

  1. Business analytics can help improve profitability as it affects every aspect of the business process, thereby playing a major role in revenue generation, market share expansion, and decision-making.
  2. With business analytics businesses can gain deeper insights on business performance through visual representations and graphs quickly and in a well-organized manner.
  3. Business analytics encourages a company culture that promotes efficiency and teamwork, enabling employees to share their thoughts and contribute to the decision-making process.

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