#Blockchain Encrybit : a secure cryptocurrency exchange

Encrybit is focussed on developing a secure cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t compromise on agility or user-friendliness. It’s revolutionary trading platform offers a streamlined experience for traders to research, analyse and trade with ease and insight.

Encrybit is a new cryptocurrency exchange with bells and whistles. The key focus is to be secure, agile and user-friendly. It offers a streamlined experience for crypto investors and traders alike – but does not compromise on features. Encrybit users enjoy market leading tools for research, technical analysis and trading. Encrybit revenue model includes the small amount of fees coming from various transaction and coin listing fee.
The Encrybit management team includes the CEO and the COO, both founding members of M-Connect Solutions, a software development company established in the year 2009 and incorporated in India and Texas, USA. M-Connect Solutions is an established solution provider and is well known for the high standard of its support policies. With agile methodology expertise, the founders of M-Connect Solutions entered the blockchain market in 2015 as a blockchain development agency. CEO of M-Connect Solutions, Mr. Jiten Rajput, a professional player in the IT industry, started researching the growth of the cryptocurrency marketplace and established a team in 2017 to analyse business opportunities in the crypto space. Ultimately, the team decided to build upon their existing experience and started work on creating a modern and fully functional crypto trading platform. At the beginning of 2018, the idea for the Encrybit exchange was finalized and work on the prototype was commenced. A design prototype will be launched for the public along with the whitepaper when the ICO website goes live.

Exponential rolls out performance-based video advtg solution

Exponential Interactive has released a new video advertising solution that can be held accountable to performance metrics as measured by multi-touch, last-view or other performance attribution models.

VDX Connect allows brands to reach consumers with interactive video messaging at scale across various ad formats. The solution also includes features that are specifically designed for the needs of marketers in key vertical industries like travel, finance, fast-food and auto. These features include image galleries, menus, dynamic maps and reward programs that have been specifically designed to guide the consumer through the entire journey and assist in the decisioning process.

Exponential’s Director of Global Sales Strategy Tyler Greer noted, “We know from talking to our clients in Australia and New Zealand that there is a real appetite in the market for accountable video advertising solutions. VDX Connect addresses this by offering marketers a performance-driven solution at scale that is tied to verified performance metrics.” He continued, “The great news for marketers is that VDX Connect can be used to reach customers across the entire marketing funnel and takes viewability and reach to new levels.”

According to IAB Australia and PwC’s latest Online Expenditure Report for the first quarter of 2018, video advertising is up 38 percent year on year at $320 million for the Jan-March quarter; this represents a very significant 42 percent of total display advertising revenue. With video advertising taking a larger share of online advertising, VDX Connect has been designed with flexibility and accountability.

The new solution includes a blend of in-frame and expandable video formats for mobile, desktop and in-stream, optimised to meet an advertiser’s campaign goals. Impressions for VDX Connect are sold on a Cost Per View (CPV) model and report time in-view based on an in-view standard of five seconds on mobile devices, 10 seconds on desktop and 15 seconds for in-stream. Whilst sold on a CPV basis, campaigns are optimised based on Cost Per Action performance goals.

VDX Connect launches in Australia and New Zealand on July 5, but has already been trialed in the United States by many advertisers including CDW, a provider of technology products and services for business, government and education.

According to CDW’s Manager of Digital Strategy, Jeff Kahn the solution has supported their sales efforts in the US market, “When it came to our digital marketing strategy, we needed an online video solution to reach highly qualified audiences who are ready to make a purchase, allowing us to measure sales success. When our agency and Exponential came to us with VDX Connect, we jumped at the opportunity to be forward thinking in the digital video industry and we are delighted with the ongoing sales outcomes they deliver.”


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