List Marketing Tools

Marketing ToolsCategoriesDescription Website
VeroEmail MarketingEnabling marketing and engineering teams to collaborate on designing real-time email and push notifications.Website
1PasswordProductivityRemembering all of your passwords can be a huge pain. We all know the feeling of entering the wrong password for the third time and being locked out of an account. Store all your login details in one place, get secure password suggestions and set up a master password to give your logins an extra layer of protection.Website
MeetEdgarSocial MediaThis allows users to build up a library of evergreen content under a variety of different categories. They can be published on your social media platforms in a loop at predetermined times.Website
ClickMeter Analytics & TrackingMonitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rateWebsite
Rebrandly BrandingRebrandly is the industry-leading link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain nameWebsite
HubSpot Marketing AutomationHubSpot’s workflows tool allows you to automate any number of tasks in a concise flow. You can send internal or external notifications, change properties in your CRM and group leads together. The endless possibilities of HubSpot’s marketing automation earn it the best in competition badge for the marketing automation section.Website
IntercomCustomer Success & SupportIntercom makes it easy to connect and support your customers with a nice clean interface on both your side and the customer’s side. Because of this, Intercom wins best-in-category for customer success and support.Website
EventbriteEvent ManagementSell tickets and manage event registrations by creating event pages, tickets and more. The simple layout makes it one of the best marketing tools for event management – and the winner in our event management section.Website
OptimizelyBlogging & Content CreationOptimizely gives you more than just the ability to make web pages as a marketer. You can A/B test the design of your site, landing pages, call to action buttons and even the way your website interacts with visitors. Because of this, it’s getting the top place in our web page creation and lead capture section.Website
MailchimpEmail MarketingSelling products, sharing news and more are made simple with MailChimp. A number of templates are available and customizable, making it one of the best marketing tools for your email strategy.Website
AllegoProductivityAllego is a mobile video sales learning platform that supports the entire spectrum of learning, including curriculum, reinforcement, and just-in-time learning. Using the Allego platform, companies can prepare sales teams to hold better customer conversations that deliver stronger results, without the expense, disruption and drudgery of traditional training approaches. Website
Google Keyword PlannerSEOGoogle’s keyword planner is one of the best marketing tools available. Most people who create blog content use it, but we underestimate its usefulness at times. Researching keyword traffic is so important that Google Keyword Planner was named the best in this category.Website
Facebook Ads Paid AdvertisingWith Facebook being used by over 1.9 million users in Q1 of 2017, it’s become one of the best marketing tools available. Use it to serve advertisements to your custom audiences with near-creepy precision.Website
Funnel.ioAnalytics & TrackingWork smarter by automating marketing reporting and manual processes like the gathering of data from advertising platforms.Website
ShopifyeCommerceShopify is simple to use and has a whole bunch of tools and add-ons that make running a store easy. With instant access to hundreds of the best-looking themes for online stores, choosing Shopify as the best marketing for eCommerce was a no-brainer.Website
AppInstituteEvent ManagementCreate your own event app without writing any code. Its booking system module allows users to book themselves in, pay and add an event to their calendar.Website
CanvaBlogging & Content CreationA very simple tool for people who may not have any design experience, Canva lets you create professional standard designs. The drag and drop interface makes it a clear winner for the design, images & videos section. With the importance of graphics in marketing growing, this is one of the best marketing tools around.Website
WordPressBlogging & Content CreationWordPress makes it so easy to get started. You can choose from over 350 easy to use themes and get started with a blog. This is perfect for marketers to start working without the need for a developer to get you set up. The easy to use interface and endless WordPress plug-ins make it a front runner for our best in category badge in the blogging and content creation sectionWebsite
SlackCollaborationSlack hands-down wins out best collaboration tool. With its ability to send direct messages, be a part of channels and even use slack bots, it’s the ultimate tool for collaborationWebsite
BigCarteleCommerceWith a free plan – and the other plans being reasonably priced – BigCartel is one of the easiest and cheapest go to market ecommerce platforms.Website
InstaQuoteBlogging & Content CreationAn ios app that allows you to add quotes and captions to beautiful images. Perfect for sharing on Instagram.Website
Google AnalyticsAnalytics & TrackingEveryone knows what Google analytics can do but no list of best marketing tools could be complete without it. Using Google Analytics to track visits, goals and more should be part of your daily life as a marketer.Website
BuzzSumoBlogging & Content CreationThis is a research and monitoring tool to help Marketers discover curated content relevant to their industry.Website
SEO PowerSuiteSEOAll in one easy-to-use SEO toolkit. SEO PowerSuite covers every step of an SEO campaign, from rankings to on-page and backlinks. With its intuitive User Interface and several potent pro-level features, it’s a perfect fit for SEO newbies or experts. Website
ScrapinghubProductivityWeb Crawling platform and Data as a Service. Scrapinghub provides a cloud-based web crawling platform and data as a service. Based on Python’s software, Scraping Hub turns web content into useful data ! Data Mining made easy.Website
HeapAnalytics & TrackingHeap automatically captures every customer touchpoint and automates away the pain of data. Other tools require you to tag events upfront and manually instrument tracking code. But Heap automatically captures clicks, taps, swipes and form changes.Website
BuzzSproutBlogging & Content CreationPodcasting has become extremely popular as a content type and BuzzSprout gives you everything you need to get started Podcasting. You can create, host and track all with this tool.Website
Hotjar Analytics & TrackingHotjar is a new powerful tool that reveals the online behaviour and voice of your users. By combining both Analysis and Feedback tools, this tool gives you the ‘big picture’​ of how to improve your site’s user experience and performance (conversion rates).Website
ILovePDFBlogging & Content CreationEvery tool you need to use PDFs, at your fingertips. All are 100% FREE and easy to use ! Merge, split, compress, convert, rotate, unlock and watermark PDFs with just a few clicks!Website
Track MavenAnalytics & TrackingCentralize your marketing channels and tools in one central hub to make reporting easier.Website
BigCommerceeCommerceMore than just a store, BigCommerce also lets you list your products on Amazon, Facebook, eBay and more.Website
Campaign MonitorEmail MarketingCampaign Monitor makes it really easy to create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns. You can create engaging campaigns easily with its drag and drop tools.Website
GeniallyBlogging & Content CreationCreate images, infographics, microsites, presentations and great moving stories with interactive and animated elements to fuel audience engagement.Website
TraackrCollaborationManage, collaborate with and grow your brands’ external influencers.Website
UNAMOAnalytics & TrackingWith tools to analyze SEO and social media data, UNAMO allows marketers to track social BRAND mentions and measure the reach and engagement of their social media content. It also makes it easy to find the right influencers for your brand. It’s SEO tools also track keyword positions and backlinks.Website
AsanaCollaborationTracks how you work, the tasks you have to complete, your deadlines and your productivity.Website
Favicon GeneratorBlogging & Content CreationConvert a PNG, JPEG or GIF file to the favicon file type .ico for use on your website.Website
Fluid UIBlogging & Content CreationIf you ever need to showcase your idea for a marketing app or site idea, Fluid UI will let you turn out a prototype in minutes – no coding required.Website
ZenkitCollaborationManage your data how you like in this collaboration tool that allows you to attach, work on and customize documents together.Website
CoScheduleBlogging & Content CreationCoSchedule is a convenient drag-and-drop content marketing calendar. It lets you plan, create and promote your content in one place. CoSchedule’s Website Analyzer will also help you find the best headline for SEO and driving traffic to your content.Website
GrammarlyBlogging & Content CreationAvailable as a browser extension, web editor, Microsoft Office Add-in, mobile app or desktop app, Grammarly’s writing assistant helps 15 million daily users write nearly everything from emails to blog posts more clearly and effectively.Website
BufferSocial MediaSave time managing your social media with powerful scheduling and analytics. Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that you can get the most out of each post and your followers and fans see your updates more often. As you add content, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Post the same message to all accounts or add context by customizing each.Website
TinyPNGBlogging & Content CreationSmart PNG and JPEG image compression. Tiny PNG uses smart compression techniques to reduce the file size of your JPEG or PNG files. PNG format is very useful because it’s the only widely supported format that can store partially transparent images. The format uses compression, but the files can still be large. Use Tiny PNG to shrink images for your apps and sites. It will use less bandwidth and your webste will load faster !Website
CyfeCollaborationAllows for team collaboration through widgets dedicated to different areas of your business.Website
ChargifyeCommerceManage your subscription service through Chargify with payment options and reports that integrate with your online store.Website
ZoomCollaborationWith Zoom you can hold video conferences, international team meetings and more. With screen and audio sharing abilities, this is a great addition for a team based in multiple locationsWebsite
Hemingway EditorBlogging & Content CreationThis app helps you make your blog posts and content more reader-friendly by pointing out long and complicated sentences, passive voice phrases and more.Website
LeadsiusMarketing AutomationA full suite of marketing automation features designed specifically for small businesses and startups ! Newsletters, campaign launches, web forms and landing pages, sales notifications, analytics, etc… All tools you need to scale your business and bring it all to life, in real-time, with marketing automation.Website
ZendeskCustomer Success & SupportCreate, track and prioritize customer support tickets and requests.Website
GumroadeCommerceThis is a simple online store, perfect for selling digital products and services.Website
TotangoCustomer Success & SupportGives you a snapshot of your customer’s health and determines when they might be ready to move onto another product tier or be suitable for new features.Website
DropboxCollaborationA lot of people use Dropbox for storing their files in the cloud. This makes it so much easier to share files with your eam and also gives you an extra sense of security that you files will be safe.Website
Kahoot!Blogging & Content CreationAllows you to create and host interactive quiz games to pit respondents against each other. Perfect to use as a presentation tool in meetings, to assess what a group has learned during a talk, or to engage an audience during an event.Website
SendinBlueEmail MarketingSendin Blue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing campaigns, marketing automation and transactional messaging. This powerful platform combines a robust suite of email and SMS messaging services within a single, user-friendly solution.Website
MagentoeCommerceAn all-round ecommerce platform that invests in customer success heavily. They have training and extra consultations available.Website
MediumBlogging & Content CreationMedium is perfect for those not in need of their own hosted blog and that want to get started pronto.Website
Google DriveCollaborationGoogle Drive is another fastly popular option for file sharing and editing but earns its place in our best marketing tools list.Website
BalsamiqBlogging & Content CreationWireframe applications and web pages before coding begins to ensure your team is working towards one, unified goal.Website
JIRACollaborationA fantastic tool for technology companies to plan, track and report on their software developments.Website
PiktochartBlogging & Content CreationPiktochart started out as an infographic tool helping marketers to transform information into consumable and interesting visual assets. Now, it’s also great for presentations, reports, flyers, posters, ebooks, and more.Website
GoToMeetingCollaborationHost international meetings that you can track and record. Perfect for international and remote teams.Website
OberloeCommerceDropshipping made easy. Berlo’s browser extension allows you to add products to your Shopify store and get direct-to-supplier orders from your customers.Website
RespondCustomer Success & SupportThe ideal tool for customer support teams that give answers over social media platforms. You can assign tweets, Facebook posts, and messages to team members to make sure you’re on top of everything.Website
PocketBlogging & Content CreationA browser extension that will save images and content that you would like to read or reference later.Website
RamenCustomer Success & SupportLearn from your users and their experience by asking questions, recording net promoters scores, open-ended questions and more.Website
Join.meCollaborationHost or join meetings and share your screen with this great tool. It can also integrate with a number of other applications.Website
AnimatronBlogging & Content CreationCreate impressive marketing videos and animations in minutesWebsite
MopinionCustomer Success & SupportThis all-in-one feedback analytics software uses intuitive feedback forms and advanced triggering rules. Users can capture feedback in real-time, as well as carry out in-depth analyses using customizable dashboards and in-chart filtering.Website
QzzrBlogging & Content CreationThis is an easily navigated tool that lets users create fun and quizzes to share with followers.Website
QuipCollaborationCombine your teams work into one place where you can chat, work on documents, tasks, projects and more.Website
PrestaShopeCommerceParis-based PrestaShop is a free, open source ecommerce platform that is extremely easy to use, even for those who want to customize their stores. The platform has many useful functions and can be integrated with Mailchimp for free.Website
Astute SolutionsCustomer Success & SupportBuilding the future of customer engagement at the world's top brands. We build AI-driven software for the future of consumer engagement. We help the world's best brands enhance engagement with their consumers by contextually blending human and artificial intelligence. Our technology enables companies to provide more efficient customer service, protect their brands, and increase customer loyalty.Website
Adobe SparkBlogging & Content CreationAnother Adobe addition to the list, Spark allows you to create aesthetically pleasing images for social media, animated videos, press releases and more.Website
EmojicsCustomer Success & SupportCollect feedback and leads in a fun and fresh way. Emojics encourages visitors to share their feedback by simply clicking an emoji to show how they’re feeling. Based on what they click, you can decide what your next interaction will be.Website
TrelloCollaborationBring your team together in Trello for projects, meetings & more. Trello helps your team stay organized.Website
ZestBlogging & Content CreationImproves your marketing knowledge with pro-level content selected by your marketing peers and moderated to ensure quality.Website
DriftCustomer Success & SupportChat directly with website visitors and customers to ensure their success. Drift integrates with intercom, MailChimp, HubSpot and more.Website
Product UpselleCommerceThis app from Shopify will offer alternative options at the checkout to encourage last minute sales.Website
AweberEmail MarketingThis email marketing and automation platform enables small businesses to build and cultivate relationships with their customers in order to grow. AWeber features powerful behavioral automation, sales tracking, segmentation and split testing in an easy-to-use interface.Website
NimbleCustomer Success & SupportThe CRM that works for you everywhere you work. Nimble is the industry-leading CRM for Office 365 and G Suite that builds award-winning contact management solutions for teams and individuals.Website
Lumen5Blogging & Content CreationA video creation platform powered by A.I. that enables anyone without training or experience to easily create engaging video content within minutes.Website
SelzeCommerceTurn your current blog or website into a selling machine by embedding products for purchase on an existing site, along with a dedicated product page with up to five products for free.Website
Constant ContactEmail MarketingWith simple templates and easy-to-use features, this email tool is perfect for email marketing beginners.Website
BizzaboEvent ManagementPlan, integrate and control your event by using Bizzabo as your command center.Website
InVisionBlogging & Content CreationUpload your designs and add animations and gestures to transform your images into interactive prototypes.Website
SquarespaceeCommerceSquarespace’s all-in-one platform provides domains, websites, online stores and marketing tools, giving marketers everything they need to make a business website stand out. No matter what stage your business is at, you can launch a professional website with this powerful platform.Website
CventEvent ManagementEvents are a powerful marketing channel, but measuring their true impact can be tricky. The Cvent Event Management platform helps marketers drive higher attendance, increase attendee engagement, and track real-time event insights.Website
ZapierMarketing AutomationEasy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically so you can focus on your most important work.Website
BrandYourself DIY Tool BrandingHelps you clean up your online image and control what appears online when people search for your company.Website
ConvertKitEmail MarketingThis email tool was created for professional bloggers. Its pricing structure is based on the number of subscribers you have.Website
Volusion eCommerceAn intuitive store builder with a real entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to connect with a number of external tools.Website
LoomBlogging & Content CreationLoom is a new kind of communication tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable video.Website
EventsforceEvent ManagementA simple events management platform that helps you manage multiple events on a small budget.Website
Automate.ioMarketing AutomationIntegrate your cloud applications to put your marketing on autopilotWebsite
Mention BrandingMonitor your brand’s perception online by tracking where it’s mentioned across the web.Website
EventmobiEvent ManagementLaunch your event technology with everything from reporting, networking and on the day polls.Website
PabloBlogging & Content CreationPablo is perfect for creating beautifully engaging images optimized to the perfect size to share on Social Media.Website
SnappaBlogging & Content CreationMake great graphics for blogs, social media and anything you can think of without any design experience super quickly.Website
GetResponseEmail MarketingAutomate marketing actions based on conditions, actions and even things like abandoned shopping carts.Website
GatherEvent ManagementSpecializing in event management for restaurants and venues, Gather allows marketers in this industry to seamlessly source leads and host memorable events. Website
IFTTT (If This Then That)Marketing AutomationIFTTT has built a series of automatic actions with some of the world’s biggest brands. This tool goes further than marketing and even lets you automate aspects of your life like opening the garage door when your BMW approaches!Website
PixellogoBrandingCreate a sick logo for your brand, no design experience necessary.Website
Sli.doEvent ManagementThis platform allows audiences to interact with presentations in real time. You can crowdsource audience questions for Q&A sessions or panel discussions, engage participants with live polls and capture valuable event data. Website
PowtoonBlogging & Content CreationCreate short videos and presentations for marketing, internal communications, or education for free. It provides access to royalty-free characters, animated scenes, images, live-action videos, soundtracks and more.Website
iContactEmail MarketingiContact’s drag and drop email platform and in-app photo editor make creating campaigns a breeze. Plus it provides free email automation and has a team of email consultants available for hire.Website
Microsoft FlowMarketing AutomationCreate automated actions between over 140 apps.Website
SurveyMonkeyBrandingWhy is a survey tool in the branding section, you ask? Well, SurveyMonkey lets you survey customers and prospects to determine how your brand is perceived, measuring brand awareness and more. While SurveyMonkey Audience also gives marketers access to online panels for on-the-fly DIY market research.Website
AdEspressoPaid AdvertisingAdEspresso is the only app that lets you create, manage, optimize and analyze your advertising across Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. Various automation tool combinations are available to suit marketers from every type of business. Its free database of ads is also a great source of inspiration.Website
NEWOLDSTAMPEmail MarketingTurn your email signature into a promotional banner and drive more traffic to your website or social media accounts. This tool has templates for bloggers, marketers, and designers too.Website
Typ.ioBlogging & Content CreationHelps users to easily discover the best fonts to use on graphics or their website.Website
RevueEmail MarketingThough primarily an editorial newsletter tool, Revue is great for easily dragging and dropping information from sites like Twitter or Medium into your marketing newsletters. The browser extension makes this even simpler.Website
PardotMarketing AutomationThis B2B marketing automation solution is powered by Salesforce. It lets marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns from one central platform.Website
WistiaBlogging & Content CreationWistia enables businesses to achieve their goals with video. Its products allow users to create, host, track and promote their business videos.Website
ScopeEmail MarketingThis tool lets users preview desktop and mobile versions of their own emails before sending them. It also allows you to see the code behind emails you receive so you can pull off the same design.Website
AdStagePaid AdvertisingThis allows you to create, manage and report on paid advertisements in one dashboard, eliminating the need to access individual tools to manage your paid advertising.Website
Follow Up BossMarketing AutomationThis tool is ideal for optimizing and tracking the core sales activities for real estate agents and teams.Website
Design WizardBlogging & Content CreationDesign Wizard is a simple online graphic design tool that allows you to create compelling visual content and designs with a couple of clicks.Website
Wild ApricotEvent ManagementWild Apricot is an all-in-one event and membership management software. Features include event pages with online registration and payments, a built-in email system, a drag-and-drop website builder and a mobile app.Website
WisestampBrandingCreate a professional email signature to showcase your brand.Website
AdRollPaid AdvertisingMake retargeting campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and Google easier to manage by monitoring ad performance and making edits under one platform with Adroll.Website
CalendlyProductivityBe more productive in the way you schedule meetings by setting available times and letting people choose when to meet you.Website
AhrefsSEOAhrefs offers competitor analysis, keyword, backlink and content research as well as monitoring and rank tracking.Website
CrowdfireSocial MediaHelps you grow your social presence and establish yourself as a leader in your industry by suggesting relevant articles, providing top tips and scheduling posts on your behalf.Website
ClubRunnerBlogging & Content CreationA great tool for managing memberships, groups, clubs and more all through one platform. ClubRunner helps you build your web presence and improve how you collaborate with these groups.Website
CheatSheetProductivityA list of all the Mac shortcuts you’ll ever need to make your workflow more efficientWebsite
Bing AdsPaid AdvertisingWith 977 million monthly searches, creating paid advertisements on Bing can be a powerful marketing strategy.Website
EvernoteProductivityTake and store notes online. They’re easy to share and you can create helpful lists too.Website
AlexaSEOOffers site overviews which can give detailed demographics and reports on the visitors to any website.Website
Dlvr.itSocial MediaAutomate your social media presence by finding and sharing content across your social media platforms.Website
InstapageBlogging & Content CreationCreate landing pages from a number of conversion ready templates or create your own from scratch. Add functionality through ready-to-go widgets like CTAs, videos, countdowns and more.Website
F.luxProductivityChange the color of your Apple device screens to adjust to your eyes so you can work without disturbance.Website
DriftrockPaid AdvertisingThis tool uses a four-step approach to Facebook advertising: create, automate, trigger and then lead response.Website
PlanableMarketing AutomationPlanable is a collaboration platform designed specifically for social media teams. The two big benefits of this tool are its ability to let you visualize your social media posts and work efficiently with clients or as part of a large team.Website
JotFormBlogging & Content CreationCreate online forms and receive an email each time one is submitted.Website
MeltwaterSocial Mediaonnect with social media influencers, journalists and more about recent social media posts and blogs to increase your traffic.Website
Answer the PublicSEOConvert keywords into the most popular questions being asked on Google and Bing to help you plan your keyword strategy.Website
Google AdwordsPaid AdvertisingCreate advertisements across Google search or display networks to target specific audiences and target users when they’re looking for what you sell.Website
CopyscapeSEOThis is a plagiarism detector that will let you ensure you aren’t posting SEO-damaging duplicate content on your website.Website
TweetDeckMarketing AutomationTweetDeck once supported a number of social media platforms, however, since being acquired by Twitter, the only supported platform is Twitter. Who would have guessed? Though it only supports one platform, it still makes out list of the best social media automation tools, because it is quite handy if you want to focus in on your Twitter following.Website
OptinmonsterBlogging & Content CreationCreate and A/B test lead capture forms without the help of a developer. This tool makes it easier to convert visitors into subscribers.Website
SocialBeeSocial MediaAutomate your online presence by mixing your content with other relevant industry news to keep your followers engaged and increase conversions.Website
Momentum ProductivityA browser extension to remind you about the tasks you need to accomplish today.Website
OktopostSocial MediaMore than just social media management, Oktopost lets you track the revenue attached to your social media efforts.Website
KickofflabsBlogging & Content CreationCraft engaging landing pages to create viral content for giveaways, prizes and more.Website
Social Ads ToolPaid AdvertisingThis trusted Facebook marketing partner helps users automate and manage their Facebook ads.Website
MozSEOMoz’s pro tool is an all-in-one SEO toolset to help you boost your search engine rankings.Website
M-FilesBlogging & Content CreationStore, share and manage all of your files securely with M-Files. This tool is great for businesses working in industries with sensitive information.Website
SpyFuPaid AdvertisingFind the most profitable keywords that your competitors are paying for. Compete with them and find out the words that are wasting your CPC budget.Website
RecurPostMarketing AutomationRecurPost lets you schedule social media posts, create a content library and track and tweak your posting for your evergreen content. Similarly to SocialBee and Meet Edgar, RecurPost will allow you to create a calendar of content you want to share. However, RecurPost will also let you track performance and run A/B testing.Website
Rescue TimeProductivityTrack the amount of time you spend on applications to ensure you’re being as productive as possible.Website
Twitter AdsPaid AdvertisingTwitter Ads’ objective-based campaigns are designed to help you achieve results that drive action and add value to your business. Create campaigns tailored for a variety of business goals, from driving website traffic to increasing brand awareness.Website
GTMetrixSEOExamine and diagnose your website’s page speed and performance, which is an essential ranking factor.Website
SocialPilotSocial MediaSchedule your posts in bulk and view detailed analytics and reporting. This, in addition to its client management feature, makes SocialPilot particularly useful for agencies. Best of all, it offers custom URLs and Facebook branding.Website
StayFocusdProductivitySpending too much time on social media instead of working? This Chrome plug-in will block you from entering certain websites for a defined period of time.Website
Google TrendsSEOResearch the products, search terms, and companies that are trending across Google. You can search by country-specific, worldwide, long term or short term trends with this essential tool.Website
SproutSocialSocial MediaNot only can you manage your social media presence with SproutSocial, but you can also use it to manage your social customer service and quickly respond to issues on social media.Website
SleeknoteBlogging & Content CreationA slick interface that automatically tests what triggers yield the best results for your website. This tool will help you find the optimal way to display your lead forms.Website
PromoRepublicMarketing AutomationWith PromoRepublic’s scheduling tool you can managing your posting schedules on up to five social networks in a content calendar with custom time slots. Beyond scheduling, the platform has a content library filled with articles, images, and 6,000+ editable visual templates, as well as a built-in graphics editor that offers 200+ fonts, shapes, and banners. Website
OnPage.orgSEOOptimize your pages for SEO by targeting the keywords you really want to rank for.Website
AlbacrossBlogging & Content CreationHelps you to automatically generate leads and to get an overview of which companies are visiting your website, and how they interact with it. What’s more is that Albacross is free to use. Website
JollorMarketing AutomationJollor is a powerful social media scheduling tool that includes community features to interact with followers. It is a great platform for large teams as it allows you to add unlimited team members, includes an approval process and can assign tasks to people. As well as creating content and sharing it online, Jollor has a content discovery capability, repurposing content tool and it lets you bulk upload content, making Jollor another great alternative to HootSuite for large teams.Website
Screaming FrogSEOThis is a comprehensive paid-for SEO tool that checks for duplicate content, audits redirects and analyses your site’s titles, metadata, and information architecture. It can also perform a log file analysis.Website
WixBlogging & Content CreationCreate beautiful websites with a truly intuitive drag and drop interface.Website
HootsuiteMarketing AutomationIf you create and share a large amount of content, the high number of social media networks supported by Hootsuite is a huge benefit. Hootsuite wins on supported networks and integrations. When you are scheduling your content, there will be an option to add targeting too. This is helpful when you want to reach a particular demographic. If you want to add a link to your messages there is an integrated URL shortener. Unfortunately, there is no option for a branded domain.Website
SprinklrMarketing AutomationIn terms of supported networks, Sprinklr is a great alternative to Hootsuite. Sprinklr focuses on planning more than other tools. When you sign up to Sprinklr, you’re given a starter pack with recommendations based on your goals and an audit of your platforms. As well as having virtual training online, you can also speak with a success manager that will help guide you on optimizing your social media automation. This is a terrific platform that guarantees impressive tools and analytics. But I believe, because of the support and learning offered, Sprinklr is a great choice to guide those less experienced into social media marketing.Website
SEMrushSEOThis can help you choose important keywords and run competitive keyword research.Website
SumoBlogging & Content CreationSumo has three powerful features for increasing traffic, collecting emails and tracking your customers’ behavior across your site.Website
UcraftBlogging & Content CreationIt offers an all-in-one eCommerce platform. This platform comes with 70+ Payment and Shipping methods, no transaction fee and options to be integrated with marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon as well as Dropshipping services.Website
Sendible Marketing AutomationSendible is an impressive competitor to the bigger players in the social media scheduling game. This platform allows users to schedule content, engage with their audience, manage your team, measure ROI, and collaborate with others to create content. It also gives you in-depth analytics on each platform. However, Sendible is pricier than other platforms and has no free options.Website
TypeformBlogging & Content CreationWith Typeform you can power your brand’s interactions with beautifully designed, professional-looking online forms that people will love.Website
SERPCheckerSEOGet localized Google SERP results and analyze the competition around your keyword strategy to get ahead of the competition.Website
UnbounceBlogging & Content CreationCreate landing pages without the need for a developer to increase conversions on your website without delay.Website
AgoraPulseMarketing AutomationAgoraPulse is a premium tool that combines social media scheduling with analytics, reporting, automated moderation and a number of other advanced features. They pride themselves on their user-friendly dashboard, by putting comments in chronological order, inserting icons to give you information on the source of comments, messages etc. The inclusion of CRM capabilities makes AgoraPulse a great competitor to Hootsuite. However, although they offer a free trial, they do not offer a free version of their site. But they do provide some other handy social media-related tools for free.Website
BoostinsiderSocial MediaOn Boostinsider, companies can create campaigns and leverage social media influencers to promote their brands.Website
VidyardBlogging & Content CreationVidyard is a great tool for creating and hosting awesome video content in your nurturing flows and otherwise.Website
GaggleAMPSocial MediaGaggleAMP is a streamlined social amplifier and advocacy platform, primarily focused on employee participation.Website
BitlyAnalytics & TrackingBitly is a link management platform. Empowering businesses with short, trusted call-to-action links for more than a decade.Website
Klout Social MediaKlout is an app that ranks social media users according to their influence.Website
HiverProductivityHiver provides email scheduling, templates, tracking, and shared contacts and notes.Website
ZoomphSocial MediaZoomph identifies relevant social media trends and people in real time.Website
CAKEAnalytics & TrackingCAKE’s platform allows marketers to track, attribute and optimize their spend.Website
JoincubeProductivityWith Joincube, you can send instant messages, track tasks, and schedule meetings.Website
Visual.lyBlogging & Content is an outsourcing an collaboration platform for creating infographics, videos, and ebooks for your marketing campaigns.Website
BrightedgeSEOBrightedge is an SEO and content performance marketing platform.Website
KissmetricsAnalytics & TrackingKissmetrics is a customer intelligence and website analytics platform.Website
BrightcoveBlogging & Content CreationBrightcove Video Cloud is an online video hosting and player platform.Website
ClarabridgeCustomer Success & SupportClarabridge provides text analytics and customer experience software.Website
YesmailEmail MarketingYesmail offers email marketing software.Website
ContentlyBlogging & Content CreationContently provides a network for journalists and designers for brands, in addition to workflow tools and analytics.Website
YoastSEOYoast SEO can help you improve on-page search engine optimization for your website content.Website
RedEyeEmail MarketingRedEye integrates web analytics with email marketing to send targeted email campaigns.Website
ContactuallyCustomer Success & SupportContactually is a web-based CRM tool.Website
CurataBlogging & Content CreationCurata’s flagship product enables marketers to find, organize, and share content on specific issues or topics.Website
GainsightCustomer Success & SupportGainsight is a customer success management platform.Website
TaboolaPaid AdvertisingTaboola is a platform for content recommendation, audience acquisition, and native advertising.Website
LithiumCustomer Success & SupportLithium provides customer community management software.Website
AdsquarePaid AdvertisingAdsquare is an audience management platform for mobile programmatic advertising.Website
RebelMouseBlogging & Content CreationRebelMouse is a publishing and curation platform for distributed content.Website
ReviewTrackersCustomer Success & SupportReviewTrackers provides online review management software for requesting and tracking reviews.Website
UberFlipBlogging & Content CreationUberFlip is a content marketing platform that allows you to create interactive content assets.Website
EverstringMarketing AutomationEverstring leverages predictive analytics to score and prioritize your best accounts.Website
OutbrainPaid AdvertisingOutbrain is an online advertiser specializing in presenting sponsored website links.Website
KapostBlogging & Content CreationKapost is a B2B marketing operating system.Website
SimplyCastMarketing AutomationSimplyCast provides interactive and multi-channel communication software, including marketing automation.Website
BioleadsProductivityBio-Leads propose a fast and smart way to find new biotech customers for all Life Science companies. This Biotech Lead Generation Software extracts contacts from scientific papers based on the keywords and criteria you gave. BioLeads : enjoy your new power on Biotech Lead Generation !Website

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Marketing Tools 365

MarketingTools365 is an independent website, sharing Marketing Tools and news about Marketing and Marketing automation. Lots of very interesting and potent Tools emerge everyday around the world. We present them to you ! Find new leads, increase your customers engagement, improve your campaigns ROI, manage your social media in a faster way, keep you community more active and engage, improve your website performance, etc… Take your business to the next level ! Tools are presented by categories : Marketing Automation , SEO , Video , Emailing , CRM , Design , Website optimization , Analytics, Landing Page, Marketing Tips, Lead Generation, Social Media Management, etc…

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List Marketing Tools 365 – MarketingTools365 – Marketing Tool 365 – MarketingTool365 – Marketing Tools – Marketing Tool – Marketing – Marketing Automation – SEO – Video – Emailing – CRM – Design – Website optimization – Analytics – Landing Page – Lead Generation – Social Media Management

List Marketing Tools 365 – MarketingTools365 – Marketing Tool 365 – MarketingTool365 – Marketing Tools – Marketing Tool – Marketing – Marketing Automation – SEO – Video – Emailing – CRM – Design – Website optimization – Analytics – Landing Page – Lead Generation – Social Media Management