Upwell Health Launches UpwellBeing, Makes Three Key Executive Hires

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UpwellBeing is a one-stop source of curated and original content for
people who want to live healthier lives and be active participants in
their own healthcare decisions

, a leading provider of healthcare services, products, and
support, today announced the launch of UpwellBeing, a digital experience
designed to provide educational and enlightening content to help peolple
living with conditions related to heart health, mental health, diabetes,
and dermatological health take proactive steps towards healthier living.

With over 133 million Americans affected by a chronic condition, Upwell
offers services to ensure members receive the medications they need,
with the choice, flexibility, and transparency they deserve. UpwellBeing
furthers the company’s mission by curating and creating informative
content to help patients better understand their conditions and the
resources available to them. UpwellBeing will publish daily news,
videos, reports, research, and infographics to help people live
healthier, more empowered lives.

Upwell recently appointed Chief Strategy Officer Bridget Quinlan to
drive strategic direction for the company, including UpwellBeing. With
more than 20 years of experience in technology, advertising, and
publishing, Quinlan’s expertise extends to all aspects of go-to-market
strategy. She previously served as vice president of marketing at
Rakuten and held key positions at Adobe and ChoiceStream.

“Instead of looking at patients as facilitators to revenue or defining
our members by a single condition, we view them as the complex people
they truly are,” said Quinlan. “I look forward to helping the company
take a holistic approach to understanding our members’ needs and
empowering them with choice in an industry where choice has been
stripped away.”

Spearheading UpwellBeing’s editorial efforts is vice president of
editorial and digital content, Tim Moran. Moran joined Upwell after
serving as editor-in-chief of Adobe’s CMO.com, where he nurtured
the site into one of the largest and most impactful resources for
marketing executives, with a subscriber base of over 40,000
professionals and over 400,000 monthly visitors. Moran has 25 years of
experience as a technology journalist.

Upwell has also appointed Amy Schimandle as vice president, data science
and digital experience. Amy brings both programmatic digital and data
science experience to Upwell, having previously led media buying and
analytics teams at Rakuten. In her new role, Schimandle will lead
digital strategy for customer acquisition and experience, leveraging her
strong background in consumer engagement, lead generation, and marketing.

“Upwell’s number one objective is to empower people who have
historically felt marginalized when it comes to choices that are
critically important to their health and longevity,” said Alison
Wistner, CEO of Upwell. “We are focused on changing the way people learn
about and manage their conditions. The launch of UpwellBeing gives us a
greater opportunity to engage with our members and improve healthcare
support in a meaningful and actionable way.”

About Upwell Health
Established in 2017 and headquartered in
Salt Lake City, Upwell Health is on a mission to educate, empower, and
simplify life for the nearly 133 million people in the U.S. living with
chronic conditions. By working directly with physicians and insurance
companies, Upwell provides a frictionless pharmacy experience to give
members the treatment they need with the choice they deserve. Learn
more at www.upwell.com.


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