inPowered Offers Pay for Performance Sponsored Content Across More than 300 Publishers Globally

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The Pioneer of the Cost Per Engagement Model for Advertisers, inPowered,
Now Offers Sponsored Content on a Cost Per Engagement Basis

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–inPowered, the programmatic content amplification company that enables
advertisers to promote their content at scale and only pay for
post-click engagement across over 40 native and social networks,
introduced and made available its one of a kind sponsored content
marketplace. Transactions occur on a cost per engagement (CPE) basis,
not cost per custom content package, across a network of over 300
publishers globally. So rather than paying the publisher’s flat fee for
the custom content package, the advertiser would only pay for individual
user engagements with sponsored content.

Using artificial intelligence, its technology doesn’t optimize for the
click-economy, but rather, time on site with sponsored, earned and owned
content. This is a critical evolution in sponsored content for
advertisers because, until now, they had no way of knowing if the
publisher-produced content resulted in actual user engagement.

According to Boston Consulting Group, advertisers in the US have been
increasing spend on sponsored content 20% year over year since 2014,
with spending projected to reach $25 billion by 2019. Ultimately, the
inPowered marketplace eliminates economic waste in sponsored content and
brings complete transparency to the relationship between advertisers and

“Until today, advertisers buying sponsored content paid a flat fee for
production and placement on a publisher’s website,” said Peyman
Nilforoush, CEO and co-founder, inPowered. “Our new offering allows
advertisers to avoid paying production costs altogether by only paying
for sponsored content performance.”

The technology connects advertisers with publishers to create long-form
native advertising, or sponsored content, in a turnkey fashion at no
cost to the advertiser for its production. Post publishing, advertisers
only pay when the content is engaged with by a user for 15 or more
seconds – a CPE pricing model. This is significant because, according to
Chartbeat Analytics, 70% of users who engage with sponsored content past
15 seconds will consume 80% of the content.

The platform drives even further brand engagement using a call-to-action
slide in on sponsored content engaged with for 15 seconds or longer in
the active window. This allows advertisers to directly measure the
sponsored content’s impact on brand consideration, affinity, purchase
intent and the buyer’s journey.

In 2014, inPowered’s technology helped brands identify and amplify
third-party content (earned media) resulting in nearly a 400% lift in
purchase consideration, as compared to standard online advertising, and
up to 14x ROI. Later it began amplifying branded content (owned media)
and sponsored content, too.

After listening to its customers, who wanted to pay for post-click
engagement and not clicks, inPowered introduced the first ever CPE
pricing model in 2015. In 2018, it introduced its one of a kind
sponsored content marketplace – connecting advertisers and publishers to
create content using CPE pricing.

By only charging advertisers for users that spend a minimum of 15
seconds reading or watching sponsored content, inPowered enables brands
to stop wasting ad dollars on under-performing sponsored content.
Instead, advertisers can focus on the time consumers spend with
sponsored content. Ultimately, this leads to more meaningful
conversations with consumers and guarantees sponsored content
investments perform.

About inPowered

inPowered, the programmatic content amplification company, enables
advertisers to drive consumer engagement with owned, earned and
sponsored content while eliminating the inherent waste associated with
the click-economy. Their one of a kind AI and machine learning driven
dynamic cost per engagement (dCPE) pricing model enables advertisers to
avoid paying for impressions and clicks in order to focus budgets on
engaged content only. Owned, earned and sponsored content are instantly
turned into native ads across 40+ native and social networks. inPowered
is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Chicago, Los
Angeles and Toronto. Visit
for more information. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter,
Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Chad Pollitt, VP of Marketing

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