How Does the Future of Telecom Industry Look? | Infiniti Research Reveals Telecom Industry Trends 2019 and Key Changes to Expect in Future

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href="" target="_blank"gt;#CompetitiveIntelligencelt;/agt;–A well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has
announced the completion of their recent article on the
future of telecommunications: what to expect
. In
this article, Infiniti Research has uncovered some of the top
telecommunication industry trends that have been sourced directly from
our global experts in the telecommunication industry.

Companies in the telecommunication industry have seen the implementation
of a considerable amount of technology decisions and software
architectures in the past couple of years. In the next decade,
telecommunication services providers will transform their enterprise
systems and digital B2C channels into modern and agile platforms. These
will provide employees in the telecommunication industry with
analytics-driven operational decision-support capabilities and would
deliver seamless back-end integration capabilities through microservices.

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Telecommunication industry trends 2019

Predictive maintenance

AI-driven predictive analytics is playing a major role in helping
companies in the telecommunication industry provide better services by
utilizing data, sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques
to predict future results based on historical data. This means
telecommunications companies can use data-driven insights to monitor the
state of equipment, predict failure based on patterns, and proactively
fix problems with communications hardware in customers’ homes. These
technologies are expected to underpin more strategic goals, such as
creating new customer experiences and dealing efficiently with business
demands in the long run.

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Robotic process automation (RPA)

This technology allows telecom services providers to manage their
back-office operations and the large volumes of repetitive and
rules-based processes more easily. Telecommunication industry trends
such as RPA frees employees from labor-intensive and time-consuming
activities by streamlining processes including billing, data entry,
workforce management, and order fulfillment.

Virtual assistants

Companies in the telecommunication industry have increasingly turned to
virtual assistants to manage the massive number of support requests for
installation, set up, troubleshooting and maintenance, which often
overwhelm customer support centers. Companies in the telecommunication
industry can use AI to implement self-service capabilities that instruct
customers on how to install and operate their own devices.

Increased security measures

Last year there were several instances of security breach and hacking in
the telecom industry. In 2019, holistic network security is expected to
become more important than ever and encryption will transition from a
niche play to a more pervasive technology.

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